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North American Title Company
Corporate Office in Miami, FL
Divisions in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Texas

In the Spring of 2001 North American Title Company was looking for a company to tackle the large task of unifying their 8 Divisions under a single website format that could be customized to each Division's needs. This website needed to be interactive for their clients and very expandable to accomodate an often changing Escrow and Real Estate market.

Their existing Northern California website had initiated a concept called the Workstation where Realtors®, Lenders, and other customers of North American Title Company could submit forms and have access to important local and industry links. Several early planning meetings showed us that this was a very appropriate concept and one that would help keep North American's diverse customer base closer tied to them. Built in tandem with the website, we constructed a secure area within each Division's website that was dynamic and fulfilled the goals of the Company.

Customers are required to submit contact information and then they are emailed their Username and Password to the site that they can modify when they first login. Once logged in, each Workstation is customized to the County or Region of a Division that a Client most of does business in. Workstation Clients can be assigned to their North American Title Company Sales Associate so that all forms submitted by the Client and delivered to that Sales Associate. Clients have access to all transactional histroy that they have submitted through Workstation.

Division Websites:
Austin, Texas
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
Northern California
Southern California

The site, launched on July 1, 2001 to coincide with their official unification, has conducted over 1,800 transactions as of March 1, 2002 and has more than 1,000 Registered Workstation Users.

With the successful launch of their website North American Title Company turned to us to also consult on several other projects. Our first project was a Document Management System that needed to be rolled out in Northern California before the beginning of 2002. In several Counties around Silicon Valley, Clients wanted to be able to access their Title and Escrow documents over the Internet rather than having to wait several days for the documents to be assembled and delivered via Express Mail Service. We developed a system that North American Title Company could manage internally where they would create an Order and then assign electronic documents to it (Word docs, pdf files, etc., were acceptable). Once created and while the Order was still in 'Pre-Sale' the system maintained a Public login to the documents. When an Order changed status to 'In Escrow' a Buyer and Seller password was generated and the documents that were then indexed to the Order were accessible to either the Buyer or Seller based upon the type of document. For the Consumer we created a new website called where they could retrieve their documents. If a User was an existing Registered Workstation User then the documents were made available to them within their Workstation.

At the same time the California, Colorado and Arizona Divisions also needed a system put in place that would allow their HR Associates to easily deliver important information to all Associates within those Divisions. We modified the existing work we had done for them with the Document Management System and created an application that was accessible over the Internet, and managed by a central HR team in California. Documents such as Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, Benefits information and more can be posted to the HR site in an easy to find manner. We also created a logged in area for HR members to retrieve HR forms and Job Descriptions that were not made available to the average user. This site was launched in December 2001 and is used by over 1,000 North American Title Company Associates.

In November of 2001 we also began work on an extensive Purchase Request/Authorization system for North American Title Company. This system needed to be flexible enough to handle different Approval cycles for multiple product categories for each of the 200+ Cost Centers that the Company has. Users login to the system and submit their Purchase Request against Cost Centers that they are assigned to. Creating a Purchase Request is alot like using a typical online Shopping Cart where a User has the ability to select from lists of standard items from the IT, Office Ware (non-IT), or Promotional and Consumable categories. Once a Purchase Request is released the first Approver in the chain is notified by email that the Request has been released and is awaiting their approval. A link in their email takes them directly to the Purchase Request where they can then either approve or deny the request. Once approved the Request either moves on to the next approver or it goes to their Purchasing Department if it has passed the final Approver in the cycle. The system also has a very detailed Statistics package for each Division to review. The Purchase Request system launched in January of 2002 and is now being used in every Division.




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