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Multimedia Development: Shockwave
As we have mentioned we have a very diverse skillset at Cox Consulting. Another of our strengths is working with Flash and Shockwave files. Shockwave is a vector based interactive medium that allows you to create immersive projects with large amounts of content that can be distributed over the Internet or other means. Because of the nature of Shockwave you could have a five minute web presentation be small enough in file size that even someone with a 56k modem will view your presentation without difficulty. CONTACT US with your Shockwave related questions.

GIE Media / Lawn & Landscape Magazine
CD-Rom Based Landscape Technician Training
Destructive Turf Insects
Volume One: The Grubs
March 2002

interactive training, grub life-cyclePart of a CD-Rom created for Lawn & Landscape Magazine's first interactive Training Product was a Shockwave file that illustrated the life cycle of an average grub. Models were exported from 3D Studio Max and were then animated within the Shockwave file to show the July through June life cycle.

Users were able to either start from the beginning of the file in June and continue month to month through the cycle or they could jump to whatever month they were most interested in. Shockwave integrates easily into Authorware which made it an obvious choice to use with for this application.

GIE Media
CD-Rom Based Website Administration Training
January 2001

GIE Media has three very advanced websites for the Professional Lawn Care, Pest Control, and Recycling markets. Each site has a very sophisticated set of backend tools for their Editors as well as their web Advertisers. We wrote a script and developed a Shockwave training file that was distributed on a CD-Rom to all GIE's Advertisers that illustrated how to work with the Administrative Area so that they could manage their own Advertising on the websites.

Aventis Envionmental Science
Online Training Project
October 2000

Aventis Environmental Science is the world's largest environmental science company. In 2000 they launched dynamic new termite prodict in the pest control market, Termidor. Accompanying the product launch was an extensive testing and training element that all Pest Control Technicians were required to take before being able to apply or purchase the termiticide.

Cox Consulting developed a FLASH tutorial and training exercise that showcased the benefits of Termidor while at the same time educating users of the product how to safely apply the chemical. The Shockwave presentation was shown on their website in conjunction with an online exam that Users had to complete in order to use the product.



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