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Custom MultiMedia Presentations
We have a very diverse skillset at Cox Consulting. Another of our strengths is working with Flash and Shockwave files. Shockwave is a vector based interactive medium that allows you to create immersive projects with large amounts of content that can be distributed over the Internet or other means. Because of the nature of Shockwave you could have a five minute web presentation be small enough in file size that even someone with a 56k modem will view your presentation without difficulty. CONTACT US with your Shockwave related questions.

GIE Media
Custom Presentation Development

GIE Media has had a steady list of custom design projects for Cox Consulting. These have included Interactive Sales Presentations, Industry Summit Presentations, Company Meetings, and more. All presentations have been built using either FLASH or PowerPoint, and have usually included a level of user activity, either for the presenter, or the person taking the training.

Cox Consulting has assisted in writing the scripts for these presentations as well as providing the voice-over commentary. Many of the Sales Presentations were customized for each of the individual Advertising Clients, extending a personal feel to their proposals.


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