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Custom Programming Solutions
As we have mentioned we have a very diverse skillset at Cox Consulting. Another of our strengths is working with Flash and Shockwave files. Shockwave is a vector based interactive medium that allows you to create immersive projects with large amounts of content that can be distributed over the Internet or other means. Because of the nature of Shockwave you could have a five minute web presentation be small enough in file size that even someone with a 56k modem will view your presentation without difficulty. CONTACT US with your Shockwave related questions.

GIE Media / Conference Division
Conference Coordinator Software

GIE Media's Conference Division required a custom solution for tracking and managing the many yearly conferences it conducts. Cox Consulting developed a web-based package that not only managed the individual Conferences and Attendees for all the events, but also web-enabled an online registration process that extended their customer service beyond their initial expectations.



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